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Miracle Story


Dr Simon Mervyn-Jones
Port Macquarie

Lost and Found

Submitted into: Miracles of Hope Category,

On: 2012-02-10 20:44:10

On a spring morning in 2002 I got up before sunrise and went walking by the water in the harbour at Port Macquarie. It was a beautiful morning but I was not really taking it in because I had woken in a heavy state because of the ongoing repercussions from my marriage breakdown and divorce several years previous.

One of them that was weighing on me particularly was the loss of relationship with my oldest son. He had been increasingly distant emotionally, relationally and now geographically. He had withdrawn from his mother, myself and even his younger sister and brother. Any attempts at resolution or healing had been painful and frustrating. The latest blow came when he sent one of his rare letters to both his mother and I to say that he would be changing his name and didn't really want to have anything further to do with us.

This had freshened up the wounds that came with the loss of marriage, family, home etc.   So I was out walking, hoping to clear my head and lighten my heart.

I came across a small piece of wooden dowel in the grass, about the size of my middle finger. I started kicking it along for a bit of distraction.

However, my emotions soon built up again and in frustration I bent down, picked up the dowel and threw it out into the water. Hoping for some relief from the pain.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a seagull swooped down over the water and picked up the piece of wood.

 I thought Well, he will drop that when he figures out it isn't food.' But he didn''t drop it, he circled around came back over the land and set down about ten steps in front of me in the exact direction I was walking.

He looked at me, then placed the dowel on the ground and flew off. So I walked up, wondering what that was all about, and picked up the dowel again. I sensed that I was meant to get something from this, so I stood still and waited in the early morning light.

My head quietened down and my heart settled, then into my soul came these words:

                 "That which you thought was lost will be brought back to you"

These words came with a strong loving reassurance and a deep peace. I went home uplifted and still a litle bemused by what had just happened.

Did a resolution happen suddenly? No, but I believe the miracle came in seed form that day, yet it took several years of healing and growth to fully blossom. My son has since resumed his original name, he communicates warmly with all family members and is following a path which is close to his (healed) heart.

I kept the piece of dowel on which I have written those words. It has been a handy reminder in the times when there seemed to be no progress. It has also brought comfort and encouragement for other areas of my life where there has been loss.       

May those words encourage and restore hope for you too.

"That which you thought was lost will be brought back to you"

Simon Mervyn-Jones