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Miracle Story


Marilyn Jackson
Gold Coast

My Ageing Little Expect A Miracle Card

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2012-01-17 05:52:56

It is a true miracle, the way I was viewing my dear battered and very much loved little 'Expect A Miracle' card of over 20 years or more. That little card has journeyed with me thru thick and thin and has never been anywhere but on my bathroom mirror, to be read and absorbed by me, every day of my life.

It was indeed only the night before you rang me Dr John, that I looked at the ageing little miracle card, saying out loud, "I need to get another one of you printed!; and indeed I should print a few just to give to other people." No way in God's wide world could I remember where I received my little card so many years ago!

So, miracle of miracles, you rang and you know the conversation from then...as you had given me my card so many years ago. However it gets even better!


I have a girlfriend, Erica, who, thanks to the wonderful medical system, had her operation stuffed up totally about 8 - 10 years ago now. Since that operation (where she died on the table and came back to life) and thanks to the incompetence of the medical team, she has never been the same  since. She has had to go from two pacemakers, to a heart machine, to keep her alive. She has not been able to lie flat in all those years; her lungs still fill with fluid; her liver (thanks to all the 8 -10 years of medications)is doubled in size and her pancreas is swollen and ill.

Two months ago her doctor told her that her heart had died and was not working and the only thing keeping her alive is the heart machine.

Yesterday she called in to see me on the way home from her doctors visit. She had the grim news that the heart machine could give way at any time and that would be her demise, as there was nothing that the medical profession could do as her heart would not stand any further surgery.
I had just spoken with you John a few hours earlier, and produced my worn and torn 'Expect A Miracle' card and had a chat to Erica about miracles as she observed my card.
I had invited a second girlfriend of ours to have a cuppa with us and offer some love and moral support to Erica. Sue ( 2nd girlfriend) was given a book last Saturday. titled 'Nine Minutes Past Midnight', written by an Australian surgeon and first Nuclear Medicine Physician Dr Ern Crocker to practice ultrasound in Australia. He states that he always experiences the presence of another power (God/Spirit) with him throughout many of his operations, creating miraculous results, and baffling the traditional medical fraternity. He has witnessed many miracles with his patients via prayer.

His book is a series of individual remarkable medical stories, of success over adversity in the medical  world using faith and prayer to create miracles.
Sue stated that an inner voice directed her to bring this book and give it to Erica. She also explained that the Pastors from her church, had heard Dr Crocker speak whilst they were recently on holiday and were so taken with him that they invited him to visit and stay with them at any time. He rang them last week and is coming to speak on the Gold Coast in the very near future.
The miracle continues... Erica read the back of the book and was most hopeful and excited. I then asked to have a look at the book and after reading the back, spontaneously opened the book at random.
Here is the true miracle. The book opened at a chapter titled, 'A New  Heart For Rosie’! I was like WOW! But even more WOW when I began to read the chapter aloud to both Erica and Sue.

Almost word for word, Rosie (in the book) explained her heart condition along with her enlarged liver and pancreas inhibiting her from having any operation / surgery and being given only days to live.
Enter Dr Crocker... and the rest is history and one magnificent Miracle where Rosie has been healed by Dr Crocker’s work and written her story for the book.
John, word for word, it could have been Erica telling her story in the book. It paralleled Rosie to a tee and I was goosey from head  to toe and threw my arms up in the air thanking God for all the superb miracles gifted to me... via my little well worn, battered and VERY much loved  20 year old 'EXPECT A MIRACLE’ card, gifted to me so many years ago, by the beautiful John Hinwood.
Isn't that just one magnificent story John. I am so excited and  to see the hope and faith and LOVE filling Erica on leaving my home. It was just the most wonderful gift...tears filled my eyes, as I silently gave thanks to beloved spirit and angels whom always fill my life with magic.
John, Sue West my girlfriend ,(the one with the book for Erica) whom also did Insight with us many years ago, will be booking both herself and little old me, into your Feb 4th Expect A Miracles School seminar this coming week, taking advantage of the early bird and second person offer.

I attempted to bring Erica up, however she just can't make the trip, so we shall shower her in miracles and prayers, and take her to see Dr Crocker when he visits the coast.
Thank you so much for my cards and your information which arrived today. I have already given several cards  away and shall print more soon.
I am attempting to get a few more of my friends and clients to the Feb 4th Expect A Miracle School seminar, so we shall see... all will be perfect.
Well if I don't stop now, we will both be asleep, writing and reading. Again thank you so much John, your love has already reached out and touched six people today, with more to be touched tomorrow.
Much Love

Marilyn Jackson
Gold Coast, Queensland,