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Miracle Story


John Hinwood

The Miracle Provider

Submitted into: Miracles of Attitude Category,

On: 2011-12-17 03:47:22

Recently I had the honour of speaking at the funeral of a beautiful woman Doreen Stevenson. Doreen was 89 years young when she passed on from this world and few were present on her funeral day due to estranged family happenings.

It was a joy to be able to share with those present of the 'miracles'
Doreen had created for my family and the members of our practice team.

On a hot and humid summers day in sub tropical Brisbane, Australia in February of 1981, Doreen Stevenson presented to our chiropractic practice with long standing lower back pain that had affected her for most of her adult life. She had had extensive spinal surgery many years before with no positive result and had been hospitalised for lengthy periods in the past and continually experienced wretched pain during her waking hours.

In 1981 we were new to Brisbane and Doreen had heard about successes people had experienced at our practice and she thought she would 'give us a go' as we had studied in Canada and there were only a couple of other chiropractors in our part of Australia at that time with Canadian training. For some reason, Doreen felt Canadian training was very special.

On her initial visit Doreen said her pain had been made worse that morning as she had baked lots of family size apple pies and she had been standing at the kitchen bench for hours leaning forward.

In my typical jovial manner I asked her, "well, where is my apple pie?"
Her answer was something like, "I'm sorry, I didn't think to bring you one".

This off the cough fun request started a gifting program from Doreen Stevenson that commenced on her very next visit the following day and only ended when we sold our practice 14 years later.

This woman's gratitude for the care she received at our practice was truly amazing. She was the most prolific giver I have ever met. She was continually creating small miracle gifts for our team members.

On her second visit Doreen made sure that she called a station wagon taxi as she delivered to us on that visit a gift of 16 large family apple pies all made on scratch the morning of her visit. She made her own pastry, cooked the apples, ground the spices and added 'loads of love' to each pie. Her pies were scrumptious!! And they didn't stop coming for 14 years!!!

Doreen loved cooking and was in the class of gifted cooks. She also made butterfly fresh cream cup cakes loaded with icing sugar, special apricot and rosella jam, pickles, lemon butter and all in copious quantities. She would also bring me cases of fresh figs in season grown by an elderly Italian gentleman.

Not only could Doreen cook, she loved her craft work also and made our family members beautiful crochet rugs of all shapes, sizes and colours.
These rugs still adorn couches and beds in our home during the winter months almost 30 years after they were made. Doreen always used high quality wool. She also had a friend who made the most amazing clowns and in 1985 when we adopted our 3 kids from Chile, Doreen made sure they all had their own very special clown. I was President of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation for 8 years and during that time, each year Doreen would donate several clowns for our annual ASRF Minster Raffle.

Doreen Stevenson taught me the power of gratitude and unconditional giving. She was a lady on the aged pension when she first came to our practice in 1981and due to her severe spinal condition she needed supportive care three visits per week. During all those years she always paid for her visits as she was offended when I suggested that I waive her visit fees because of her outstanding gifting . Her gifts she considered were a special thank you for all the love and caring our entire team showered her with on every visit.

Doreen Stevenson spent her life giving to others and she was truly a 'miracle provider'.

Dr John Hinwood

Brisbane, Queensland , Australia.