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Miracle Story


Dr James V Thompson

The Potential To Be Well

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2011-11-11 19:57:36

I had been in practice for over thirty-six years when an incident with a patient occurred that I would term ‘miraculous’ – or at the very least really interesting and unusual.

A new patient named John presented himself for care.  He was over eighty years of age and reported that he wanted relief from a simple lower back pain that would come and go.  My examination and other testing did in fact confirm a slight mechanical problem in the bones of the pelvis but nothing really severe and certainly nothing unusual for someone of advanced years.

There was one aspect of John’s case that really made me pause.  He was driving over two hours each away from his home to my clinic for each visit.  While I am happy to help all who come, I did ask him why he was coming so far for care and to me in particular.  He was driving past over thirty other chiropractors.  He said something about having heard good things and stated that the long distance he was travelling was not a problem.

Once all the examinations and discussions were complete, on his second visit I began the correction of John’s spine with the understanding that his primary complaint was lower back pain.  My training and education have taught me to assess and correct the total spine even though the symptoms may be in a local area. 

I worked carefully and on each office visit I made corrections in the relationship of John’s pelvic bones and on a misalignment I detected in his cervical spine (neck).  Our visits were cordial and John seemed pleased.  It is my policy not to take a patient back through all their symptoms on each visit but I could tell by his body’s increased level of ease that everything was going as expected. So I thought


On his fourth visit, everything went along as expected.  I analysed John’s spinal structure and gave the two adjustments I deemed necessary to bring John’s spine back to fuller function.  After I had done my work and was about to leave the room, John said “I have a confession to make.”  I told him I didn’t understand.

It was then my ‘low back’ patient spilled the beans.  The true reason that John had come for chiropractic care had nothing at all to do with low back pain.  John explained that he had a form of trigeminal neuralgia (facial nerve pain) which was excruciatingly painful but did not alter his facial appearance. 

He further stated that he had been to specialists for this condition and after trying many different types of medication with no result, he was faced with the only option offered by his doctors.  They recommended a surgery to cut the painful nerve which might help the pain but would probably be accompanied by facial disfiguration. 

It was while scheduled for this major surgery that John, on the recommendation of a friend who was a previous patient of mine, decided to consult me.  It was just a reflection of John’s devilish nature that he decided to play a little game with me and see if I could help him in his desperate condition without him even telling me what the condition was.

In the middle of the night following his third corrective visit, John woke up and found that he was free of all facial pain.  That was about eight months ago and there has been no recurrence.  And so you ask, what was the miracle in this true story?  I would suggest that the miracle is only that one  patient was helped through a difficult situation by a chiropractor that did not even have an accurate working diagnosis – but also that there is within the human body a powerful ‘potential to be well’ or ‘ability to heal’ that can be released and respond even to the most difficult situations when the spinal system is made free of interference to the nerve system.

I thank John for being my patient and for reminding me that each and every day I work with powers of nature both understood and yet to be discovered.

Dr James V Thompson
Ontario, Canada