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Miracle Story


Bob Pidgeon
Burleigh Waters

Who do you think you are

Submitted into: Miracles of Lessons in Life Category,

On: 2011-11-09 15:07:12

 Born in NZ  of Christian Parents 72 years ago and having a very “charmed life “, believing their was a God,  I was not on his set path.

I moved with my family to the Gold Coast 36 years ago and thought life is “great”, it was here I became a Chauffeur and later Principal Owner of a Chauffeur Training Academy.

Our two girls later married and seven years ago my wife died aged 58  and  have since remained alone.

With my extroverted nature I had many friends but there was something missing.

Then one morning while having coffee with two ladies, our my conversation revolved around my life what I had achieved, and it was suggested why don’t I write a book, I was so inspired, the following day I started, and what followed defied my comprehension.

Some two weeks into my book I took a break and turned on the TV  and caught the last 15mins of a program called “Ambition to Meaning” by Dr Wayne Dwyer,

I purchased the two hour DVD from this program, and what I saw, was exactly me, a smart know it all, who did I think I was with an EGO bigger that life itself.

Then some three days later I received in the mail out of the blue, which I did not request, a DVD  called “God is Speaking to You” by Creflo Dollar. 

Was this awake up call to what was missing in my life?

Many times during my writing, I played the DVD “Ambition to Meaning” and listened to what the Dr talked about, EGO and the two definitions which played a big part of my life, the first, I portrayed an act or course of action undertaken primarily to satisfy  vanity or for self-gratification, this  had a great impact on my life and where I was.

Yes all individuals have an ego”.

Then he explained EGO could also be interpreted  as to “EDGE GOD OUT”,  I didn't need God,  I had to do things my way and that was it, I was the master of my destiny I didn’t need Gods help and yet not once did he leave me, until my Ego was hurt then I would cry out for help.

Did God always answer my prayers for help?, NO,  Why ? there is no doubt in my mind that he heard every cry for help, but if I want to Edge God Out of my life and do it my way, why would he interfere?.

Twelve months into writing about my life, one of the ladies I had coffee with sent me a book called, “Expect A Miracle” by Dr John Hinwood , I read a couple of pages as it did not do anything for me so I put it away.

Today I opened his book and read it cover to cover and believed every storey, I printed his cards and handed them out,  even to strangers, try it, their reaction is great, in one case I placed them discretely at a big function reception desk, they all went.

Believe me I have had a very chequed life in the past, from highs to lows and as you have read  I was the master of my destiny through a negative “ego” but now my ego is under control through a A Miracle and that Miracle was GOD

Yes Miralces are there for you and I, but God will do it in his time not yours JUST BELIEVE and wait.

Bob Pidgeon