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Miracle Story


John Hinwood

My First Rugby International

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On: 2011-10-03 20:21:02

Playing rugby union football in my childhood, at college and then in my adult years until I was 34 years old was always sheer joy for me.

As a family we all love rugby. My sons Nat and Rod both played at school and into their adult life until travel, business and their own family life took center stage. Now we still get together and either go to the big games or watch them on TV.

In late April of 1970  after months of traveling overland from Australia through Asia, Eastern Europe and Western Europe we arrived in Denmark to work and spend some time with my wife’s sister and her Danish husband.

Being a physical education teacher, active sportsman and sports coach in those days meant that I was ready to get back into playing some sport when I arrived in Denmark. Part of my physical education teacher training was gaining 4 referees tickets in different sports. Rugby was one sport I held a ticket in and totally unbeknown to me on arriving in Denmark, this would prove to be a miracle stepping stone for me.

The day we arrived in Copenhagen I looked in the Yellow Pages  and found 5 clubs in the city and 3 clubs in other parts of Denmark. Rugby Club Speed was the closest to where we were living , so I called the club secretary and was invited to training the next night.

How much fun I had on that first night at training with all the coaching in Danish. The club members were all Danes and ever so welcoming that I felt immediately at home. The lads were all good drinkers too and enjoyed some ‘ools’ (beer in Danish) and singing all the great Rugby songs in ‘the Queen’s English’ after our heavy training session.

I was told at training that night that they could see I was a very experienced player and I was invited to join the firsts team.

There were no club fixtures the next Saturday as it was the Anniversary of 20 years of Danish Rugby and the national team was playing an international match against a team representing the other three Scandinavian countries to celebrate the Anniversary.

As there were only 8 clubs in Denmark and the sport had a minnows following, all the players and their families from around the country would come together on the day to support their national team. Rugby had been recently been introduced into the Danish high school system so they were also expecting a good turn out of school boys for the match.

At 11am on the day of the game I received a phone call from Jurgen, our Club Secretary , who was also the Secretary of the Danish Rugby Union. He was quite concerned that the neutral referee that they had flown in from England the previous night had woken with a major gastric and vomiting attack and was in no way able to take the field to referee the Test match. In a very hesitant manner Jurgen asked me would I consider acting as the match referee in 3hours time.

WOW... only 4 days in Denmark and I’m elevated from refereeing school boy rugby in Australia to a rugby international in Europe!! A rugby miracle!

The Danish Rugby Referees Association kitted me out and I had my day. And what a day it was.

After the match I was one of the special guests at the pucker Anniversary Celebration Dinner at a beautiful 5 star Copenhagen hotel. Together with both Captains I was presented with a special commemorative plate that had been struck by the famous Danish porcelain makers Bing & Grondahl to celebrate the occasion (The plate sits on a shelf in my study 41 years later).

Another miracle happened that night also. At the dinner I was seated next to the Chief Inspector of Schools for Physical Education in Copenhagen. When he found out I was a physical education teacher in Australia and I was a Senior Examiner of  The Royal Life Saving Society he immediately offered me the position of Chief Swimming Instructor for Copenhagen Schools. Previously the Danish Ministry for Education had told me my teaching qualifications were not of a high enough standard to teach in Denmark.

The miracles didn’t stop there that evening. The Danish Rugby Union were seeking a new national coach that season, with a preference for a player-coach. Their rules allowed for a non Danish national to fill this role. My one training session with my new club, the great job I did refereeing the international that day was enough for the President of the Danish Rugby Union to offer me the appointment. I immediately accepted.

One man’s brief health challenge that day opened the door for me to receive 3 miracles in a 24 hour period. I was elated!!

Dr John Hinwood
Brisbane, Qld, Australia.