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Miracle Story


Dr Brett Ireland
Gold Coast

Who was that guy?

Submitted into: Miracles of Friends Category,

On: 2011-09-22 17:39:08

While attending a seminar in Sydney, Australia recently an interesting “coincidence” happened or possibly there is an organisation to our universe.

Myself and my business partner Josie were up early on the Sunday morning and our staff were going to join us for breakfast, so we decided to go for a walk around Darling Harbour next to the Sydney Convention Centre to find a suitable restaurant for us to eat at from the myriad of restaurants available.

As it was 7am there were very few people around. While walking along the wharf we saw Drs John & Judy Hinwood walking towards us. I had seen John a few times at the seminars but he was always with someone and hadn’t had an opportunity to catch up. As we got within about twenty metres of each other we put our arms out to give each other a hug greeting and carried on walking towards each other.

As we came together John hugged me and kissed me on either cheek as is his loving greeting. As we released each other I noticed there was another guy standing within a couple of metres of us and off to the side just looking at us. I assumed he knew John and was waiting for us to finish our greeting so he could converse with us.

As we broke our embrace he looked at John and said, “I would like one of those without the kiss.” When invited in for a hug John will never say no and the recipient doesn’t dictate the terms so the guy gets the full treatment – hug and kiss on each cheek.

At this point John assumed the guy is with me and I am rude for not introducing him. Once he got what he wanted, he walked into the adjacent restaurant and sat down.

John, Judy, Josie and I had a brief conversation and we parted ways. Josie and I were laughing at how this random person had seen two men hugging as a greeting and had felt strong enough to ask for a hug. Is the rest of the world out there so lacking in human contact that they walk up to hugging strangers and request to be included?

We continued walking along the harbour, but not finding a suitable breakfast menu turned around to go back the way we had come. As we were walking back past the restaurant where this had happened, we were engaged in our own conversation.  Next we heard, “Excuse me.” We looked into the restaurant and it was the same guy sitting having a coffee gesturing us over.

We walked over. “Who was that guy?” he asked.  I had assumed that he was a Chiropractor from the seminar that had recognised John and wanted the “Hinwood Hug.” Now it dawned on me that he was just a person off the street and the significance of his act increased in my mind considerably.

“Oh, he’s a Chiropractor” I said.
“Really?” he responds. “I am a Chiropractor too! I retired 15 years ago and bought this restaurant. This is mine.” He proudly proclaimed waving his arms around the restaurant.
“So you are not at the seminar at the Convention Centre?” I asked.
“I don’t know of any seminar, I am a restaurateur” he says, “What Seminar?”
“There is the biggest  Chiropractic Seminar in the country on here in Sydney at the moment and we are delegates. Do you know John Hinwood?” I asked. Thinking every Chiropractor does know him- particularly the ones who ask for hugs.

“Oh no” he says, “I’m long retired. Where is the seminar? I should have dropped off fliers from my restaurant.”

What was the chances? Some random individual sees two people hugging, asks if he can be part of it – then turns out he is a retired chiropractor himself and just happened to be there at the moment with a need for a man hug and happy to ask for it.

The miracle of a hug is just so healing and brings so much joy into a persons life.

Dr Brett Ireland
Gold Coast, Qld