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Miracle Story


John Hinwood

They Were All Wearing Them

Submitted into: Miracles of Travel Category,

On: 2011-07-18 20:22:07

A few years ago my wife Judy and I were speaking at a conference on the Spanish island of Majorca. We arrived at Palma Airport late at  night two days before the conference began and one of those travel hiccups you never want to experience, happened to us. Our bags were not on the baggage carousel.

Our journey had started some 42 hours earlier, initially  with a train ride for an hour and a half from our home to Brisbane Airport on Australia’s east coast. From there we flew to Singapore, changed planes and three hours later onto London, then another few hours in transferring to a flight to Madrid, where after some delay we once again transferred to a flight to our final destination of Palma, a beautiful city on the Mediterranean Sea.

After so long in the same cloths we were very keen to shower as it was also the hot Spanish summer.

We waited and waited at the baggage carousel in the hope they would finally locate our lost baggage. To no avail, our bags were ‘who knows where’ at that point in time.

A helpful attendant  escorted us to the Lost Luggage Office. We were greeted by a friendly middle aged woman who spoke little English. We first had to identify our bags by pictures we were shown and then fill in the Lost Luggage Claim form. As we had been on four different plane flights spanning some 42 hours and 3 continents and starting on the other side of the world, the Claims Clerk was not confident that our bags would be located in the near future!!

My custom on meeting new people is to give them an Expect A Miracle card. Being close to midnight when we finally reached the friendly woman at the Lost Luggage Office  and being very tied, I initially forgot to give her a card. On realizing my lapse in personal protocol I immediately reached into my pocket and gave the woman an Expect A Miracle card.

There was a look of instant wonderment that came to her face as she read those  magical words. She smiled broadly and immediately disappeared to the back office from the front counter where she was tending us. She returned shortly after with the broadest of smiles and her Expect A Miracle card in a name card holder pinned to her chest. Not only that, she arrived with four other women who were the  night shift crew and all were excited at the prospect that they all may also be able to receive their very own Expect A Miracle cards, as one of these women explained who had good English.

Off they all went on receiving their cards and appeared again shortly afterwards with their cards in their name tags.

Our ‘small army’ of careers went immediately to work and kept going to and fro from the counter to the back office bringing several changes of new articles of clothing including  underwear, socks, pajamas, shirts and toiletries plus numerous other goodies and a nice cash handout.

Our new support team assured us that they would find our luggage soon and create our miracle.

By the time we were kitted out at the Airport and then made our way to our beautiful hotel overlooking the extensive yacht marina in downtown Palma it was approaching 2am. The marina created an amazing display of fairy lights on the endless yachts moored there.

The hotel was a magnificent example of the old school of 5 Star European hotels with grand appointments and furnishings to match. We were greeted by a well dressed Doorman and escorted to the Registration Desk.

It so happened that the Night Manager was at Registration checking on something when we arrived and he and his two staff members gave us a special welcome, especially as we had no suite cases, and our only luggage was my carryon bag and we each had a plastic bag that our new found friends at the airport had given us.

They felt so sorry for us that we have travelled so far, over such a continuous long period and our bags had been lost.

As well as thanking them for their genuine love and caring of us as we completed the registration cards, I also whipped out four Expect A Miracle cards, three for the Registration Desk team and I briefly excused myself to take one to the Doorman.

On my return to the desk there was much excited chatter about the cards and the Manager was busy attaching them to the jackets of his staff members and himself with paper clips. They all thought the gift was ever so special.

Their chatter changed from English to Spanish as they searched the room allocation roster as they wanted to find a deluxe luxury room for us overlooking the marina so they could give us a complementary upgrade.

The Manager personally escorted us to our most outstanding room and continually thanked me for the Expect A Miracle cards. Just before he left the room I asked him would he like cards for his entire staff. He was overwhelmed and immediately said, ‘si Senior’. I asked him how many he needed and then produced them from my carryon bag. Gracias, gracias Senior!!

The next morning we went to late breakfast and all the staff in the hotel were wearing an Expect A Miracle card on their chest in a plastic badge holder.

That evening the Night Manager couldn’t do enough for us and told us that  our return to the hotel in five days time he would have a special room for us to say thank you. We were leaving the next morning to travel to the other side of the island to speak at the seminar we had travelled to Majorca for.

On our return to our beautiful hotel we were welcomed like King and Queen and given at no extra charge the Royal Suite as gift of the management. We stayed there for the next seven days in the ‘lap of the Gods’. Our balcony overlooking the magnificent harbor would have been big enough to entertain 100 guests at a sit down dinner.

Yes, our  bags did turn up the next morning before we left Palma to travel to the other side of the island. Miracles just do keep happening.

What joy these little cards brought so many souls in Palma that summer.

Dr John Hinwood
Casuarina Beach, NSW, Australia