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Miracle Story


John Hinwood

You Need to Make Her Pregnant Doctor

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On: 2011-06-13 18:35:30

In the spring of 1976 in Toronto, Canada I entered my final year at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College when I started my clinical Internship in the College Public Outpatient Clinic.

For the previous 12 months my role in the Outpatient Clinic was as a Junior Intern doing only observation and attending clinical conferences. It was now my time to step up and develop my own private practice under close supervision.

Where would my patients come from ? How would I find enough new patients to complete my requirements for graduation?

I was fortunate in that my Senior Intern was moving from Toronto to Vancouver on graduation and would not be having his patients transfer from his intern practice to his private practice in Toronto or some nearby town as was often the case. This meant that those patients who wished to stay on with me would be reassigned to me as ongoing patients.

This was a great help to me in reaching the required number of individual patient visits, however , I still had to reach the required number of new patients.

Being a foreign student from Australia meant that my local network of people was very small to draw on so it meant that I really had to go out there and talk up the benefits of chiropractic.

I was not alone, my wife Judy was a year behind me at chiropractic school and she was a chiropractic missionary. How we had travelled half way around the world and came to be studying chiropractic  in Canada was due to Judy being given another life thanks to chiropractic care some 9 years earlier.

That summer when College was in recess for academic classes ( only the Public Outpatient Clinic operated ) Judy worked long hours as a waitress at the beautiful 5 star Hotel Toronto. Here she met a special Greek woman Maria, a fellow waitress.

Maria was having awful trouble carrying a baby to term. She had miscarried many, many times and the pressure from both sides of her family was immense that she was not performing in the manner that a good Greek wife should. Maria was also very stressed that she was constantly under such pressure to perform which of course made things worse.

Now, up steps chiropractic zealot Judy Hinwood. Maria is given “the word” by Judy that, “my husband John is an amazing intern at the Chiropractic College on Bayview Avenue and he’ll get you pregnant, and you’ll hold this baby and go to term”.

Here I am, just starting out in the real world with sick people with everyday common spinal problems and my beautiful wife Judy does not send me as my very first new patient  a woman with a bad neck or a bad back, she sends me a highly stressed Greek woman who has been chronically miscarrying with a water tight guarantee that her husband will “fix” her and yes, she will have her baby!!

My reaction to my #1 supporter was, GO JUDE, BRINGEM ON!!

Maria arrives for her initial consultation and examination at the Clinic and I’m scared. What if she hasn’t got a spinal problem that’s causing nerve pressure and thus possible malfunction of her reproductive organs, what do I tell Maria then?

Frankly, I was so desperate for new patients that all they needed to do to qualify in my book was two things, have a spine and be alive! Maria qualified, she had both.

The good news is that Maria arrived at the Clinic, her consultation and examination were positive for nerve pressure that was associated with her reproductive organs and her spinal xrays were also positive confirmation of her problem.

Her intensive care began the next day and thanks to her diligent husband who was ALWAYS on the ready to perform the task as the family pressure was at critical mass, she fell pregnant within two weeks. This was the easy part.

The critical part lay ahead with further initial intensive care, following corrective care and then supportive care until the baby was born.

Eight and a half months later it all happened and you could hear the Greek families celebrating for days. Everybody was just so happy with the beautiful baby boy who arrived on that special day for Maria and her hubby.

What followed next over the final three months of my internship were a number of telephone calls that went something like this…

The clinic paging system would request, “Intern Hinwood Line 4”, I answered the phone, “This is John Hinwood”, “Ah, Doctor, this is Kon, I know you maka Maria pregnant, you hafta maka me wife pregnant too”.

During the ensuing conversation I would carefully explain how chiropractic worked and if his wife had nerve pressure we could accept her case and commence care.

My first caller Kon was not at all interested in how chiropractic worked, his only interest was getting his wife pregnant and getting both his and her families off his back.

The conversation with Kon went like this…”Dr, I don’t bloody care how it works, I’m a just guna bringa me wife to see you and you lock the door and do whatever ya do, just get her pregnant, ya understand me Dr!”

Since that time in 1977 I’ve seen many, many women who have not been able to fall pregnant or carry babies to term who have had very successful pregnancies thanks to the wonders of chiropractic care.
Most of these women have said their babies were miracles as conventional medicine had told them that having a child or children as has so often happened was impossible.

Dr John Hinwood
Casuarina Beach, NSW, Australia