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Miracle Story


Dr Marcus Kennedy

My Life Changing Miracles

Submitted into: Miracles Of Self Category,

On: 2011-04-10 16:31:31

I decided to become a chiropractor when I was fifteen due to the life changing effects I had achieved through chiropractic care.

I first saw my chiropractor when I was only eight years of age with a painful torticollis (a constant neck spasm, due to a traumatic birth) which meant I had great difficulty moving my head in any direction. To turn my head I had to turn my body also which was massively frustrating for a small active boy.

Doing any basic physical activity was so difficult for me and as you would understand it made me very frustrated with life, in that the other boys could play and do what they wanted with full motion of their necks, but not me. Somehow I just managed to do things in play with my neck pulled down to one side. Gaining full neck movement with chiropractic adjustments was my first miracle.


Little did I know that chiropractic care would also help me to throw away the glasses I’d worn my whole life for a lazy eye ... another miracle for me.

Also my chiropractic care had a massive effect on the healing of my dyslexia. This meant I had a learning disability where I couldn’t read or spell very well as l got my letters all mixed and was always at the bottom of the class through my early school life. I couldn’t get my class work right and just kept falling further and further behind. These two miracle changes were not only life changing for me, they were also dreams come true for my parents.

These three chiropractic miracles in my informative years meant that at fifteen years of age when I had to direct my thoughts at what I really wanted to do in my working life after school, that the profession of chiropractic was so far ahead of everything else on my list.

Following your passion in life means that you do not grind out a living, instead you have fun and experience joy each day as you live your life with a purpose.

Dr Marcus Kennedy
Victoria, Australia