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  • Jack Canfield... "Reading Unexpected Miracles made me smile over and over again. I know it will do the same for you. Life is full of miracles. When you expect them, they occur more often... this book will help you create more of them in your life."
  • Dr John Demartini... "One of the benefits of Dr John Hinwood's journey is reflected in his excellent writings, which bring individuals hope, and most definitely a collection of facts, more than just one of fads... he shares a life full of miracles."
  • Mark Victor Hansen... "Having read You Can EXPECT A MIRACLE… The Book To Change Your Life I have only three words for this book. I loved it!"
  • Irena Yashin-Shaw PhD... "If you ever have the opportunity to have John speak to your people or at your event, just grab it. He will literally hand you a miracle. Thanks for everything John."
  • Charles "Tremendous" Jones... "Dr Hinwood's life is filled with miracles because of his great level of expectation. His life of miracles has blessed the lives of thousands around the world because he never sought miracles for selfish reasons."
  • Amanda Vaccaro... "John's 'Expect A Miracle' cards ushers the dimension of possibility and invites each individual to be open to receive from this dimension. This card is now my trigger for daily expectancy and gratitude for wonders and miracles."
  • Dr Brian Kelly... "John has a rare gift of being able to communicate ideas and principles through stories and to empower audiences. It has often been said by participants that they felt he was 'speaking directly to them individually'."

Miracle Story


Dr Eric Plasker

That Spark of Life

Submitted into: Miracles of Attitude Category,

On: 2010-11-10 17:16:38

I would define a miracle as when things happen or situations happen or events happen that are extraordinary and beautiful and marvellous and right.

When you say “expect a miracle”, I love that, because I really believe that miracles are around us all the time. And we just don’t look for them. Most people are just not aware.

People are miracles, children are miracles. Healing is a miracle. Creativity is a miracle. If you think about how ideas are born out of nowhere, out of space and time, that’s a miracle.

When people tap into their talents, their abilities and uniqueness and believe in themselves, I believe that is a miracle. Because, I think about this often – how there are six billion people on this planet, and every one of them is the product of two tiny cells coming together and form one cell that grows into 80 quadrillion cells that replicate and grow into 100+ years beings that have the possibility to contribute to the planet.

I believe the greatest miracle for every individual is when they connect to the uniqueness of those two tiny cells that came together - that spark of life that is within every single one of us. When we connect to our uniqueness, stop trying to be like everybody else, not trying to just fit in, but really authentically, honestly expecting or expressing our heartfelt uniqueness. I believe that is at least one example of what a miracle is and can be for every one of us.

Dr Eric Plasker, Marrietta, Georgia, USA