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Miracle Story


John Alldis

I Was Answered In My Moment of Need!

Submitted into: Miracles Of Self Category,

On: 2010-10-24 17:22:02

In my youth religion never was an attractive thing. As a child the usual Sunday School/Boy Scouts ‘thing’ was endured, as with many children. After becoming a member of the church choir we all had to wear a black gown with a high starched collar, this soon became an unwearable item due to severe chaffing on my young neck. So with a bad experience with the ‘church trip’, it no longer played any part in my life (at all!), until many years later on a motorcycle, I had a severe accident.

I was about half a mile from home already relaxing at the prospect of arriving home, and then the accident that would hospitalize me for two years happened.

The motor cycle I was riding was one of the fastest bikes in Australia at the time; it was a Honda CBX 1000. An inline 6 cylinder; a very highly tuned bike, the ‘masheen’ was my pride and joy. I crashed at 188 miles per hour and lived to tell the tale.

The crash was due to one factor, speed and road surface incompatibility! That is the one thing I had not taken into consideration. After circumventing Australia three times and also traveling up and down the centre twice, I was not a novice.

The crash was simple enough, a speed wobble due to two factors, the road surface and my speed. I was traveling towards the armourgard fence at 188 mph on my bum. I laid down to go under it and struck the support stanchion driving my legs into and through my pelvis and breaking several ribs as my body did a 180 degree turn crashing into the next stanchion!

I was still conscious on the edge of a 300 foot drop and I managed to ‘crawl’ to the edge of the road where the grass meets the road. I knew I was hurt but no idea how badly at that time. Cars that had seen what had happened stopped. One chap had his fingers on the carotid pulse in my neck. I heard him yelling ‘get an ambulance, get an ambulance’, then I heard him say, ’don’t bother he has gone’ … !

I knew what the words meant but I was still thinking … I thought inexplicably, ‘Lord if I am to die make it quick, if I am to live let me breathe!’ The breathing began as I had been unaware I could not breathe. It is one of those things we take for granted. I knew beyond a shadow of doubt there was someone there just over my left shoulder. I could ‘sense it!’ Nobody can convince me otherwise! I had asked God for my life, God granted my request instantly! There is a GOD.

During my two year stay in hospital, I researched my new found self, i.e. what is this “God trip” all about? What should I do next? After many months of serious
 in-depth searching I found MY truth in the teachings of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church beliefs.  There are so many churches.  Which one was for me? The ONLY one that went by the ‘book’ fully was the SDA church, I could NOT fault them.

Upon recovery I pursued my findings and became an ordained Senior Deacon within the SDA church. Sadly due to internal church politics I decided to leave. I had found MY truth.

John Alldis
Murwillumbah, NSW