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Miracle Story


Michelle Bowers
Cherry Hill

The Miracle of Jaxon Cole

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2010-10-20 14:48:16

Hello Miracle Readers,

I hope that you read this story and it inspires you to love to your fullest, hope with all of your heart, and believe as if it already took place!

My son Jaxon Cole was born at home a healthy 9lb baby boy. It was a beautiful birth! 3 1/2 weeks later Jaxon started to get sick. He seemed sleepy and had a cold. Within a few hours he started to become very lethargic, stopped nursing, and was foaming at the mouth. He started to turn blue around his lips.

I took him right to the Emergency Room. I held him in my arms and just loved him. The doctor came to see him, and started to panic. When they checked Jaxon's oxygen levels they were so low they thought the machine broke. They moved him onto a different machine and sure enough his oxygen was truly that low. They started poking him with IV's, yelling for an ER team to come, intubated him on the table and placed him on a ventilator. He was so weak and now he was drugged. I was devastated. My entire world came crashing down! Not only do we live such a natural lifestyle, but none of my 5 children have ever even been to a doctor other than the Chiropractor!

The minutes passed as if they were weeks! I was so scared, and so sad that so many people were touching my baby. I just held his hand and prayed! I never left his side. A few days had passed without much improvement. On the 4th day we were told that our son's lungs were filling with fluid and he had a sever case of pneumonia. The main doctor hit his main artery while trying to place an IV line and he bled a third of his blood volume. He needed blood transfusions, and his lungs were getting sicker. On the 10th day we were told that his lungs had so many holes in them from the machine that he needed to be transported to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. We were told once we arrived in Philadelphia that he would most likely not survive! It was a miracle that he made it through the night.

Expect A Miracle

We fought every day for our son. We kept his room positive, we prayed all day, we had thousands of people across the country praying for our son. We held every part of his little body as he layed stilll on the bed. I sang to him, and told him how strong he was. I told him that his innate intelligence was healing his body! I told him that BJ Palmer was a smart man and said that ‘the power that made the body, can heal the body’. Each day I told him what was going on, and that we were never going to leave him. We told him to fight and to trust his body. I told him never to be scared and I just poured my love into him.

Each day the doctors would tell us that he may not survive, and each day we just hoped! At one point he got so bad he required the most radical form of Life Support called ECMO. It is a lung bypass machine, and the machine is so very dangerous. Two tubes go into the jugular vein and pump blood outside of the body to be oxygenated from an articiial lung. It is a machine that does not treat, but allows the lungs to heal. Most of the children passed away on the same unit as my son who had the same illness.

I spoke to the team of doctors and told them they were no longer allowed in the room with my son because they were negative and not hopeful for his life. I told them not to cross the yellow line unless they came to speak positively. I used aromatherapy each day!

I knew if it were not for Chiropractic, Love, and Prayer Jaxon would never have survived! We were told that most babies only stayed on ECMO for less than 7 days. Jaxon stayed on it for 23. Everything that could have gone wrong did. We were told that there was a 1% chance of something happening and each time it happened. We were then approached by the head cardiologist and told that our son's heart was failing due to his lungs being so sick! I again just sang, loved, and held his hand each and every day!

He is a healthy amazing smiley 8 month old boy! We were told he would most likely never learn how to nurse again and sure enough he taught himself how to nurse again. I know that Chiropractic taught me that the body can heal itself. I know that innate intelligence is so profound, and that my son even though every one else gave up hope lived because we did not! I know that if I never knew about Chiropractic my son would have died! I kept excel spreadsheets of everything that was happening to him, I questioned every single procedure, and every decision that the MD's made, I was Jaxon's advocate because I was his Chiropractic Mom Warrior! I believed in him and his ability to fight. I would hold his hand and focus all of my love into his body. I would massage his feet and the entire time I would focus on the lung area and visualize his lungs healing.

I believe in Miracles! I expected one and I received it! I am forever grateful to this group for allowing others to have the hope that I was fortunate enough to experience!

Thank you!

With Love and More Love,
Michelle Bowers ( mama to the best miracle of my llife)


Cherry Hill, NJ, USA