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Miracle Story


Dr. Tom Preston
North Bay

The Innate Intelligence Inside Her

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2010-05-19 19:53:47

Story of the Year 2010


Dr Tom Preston

Your Story "The Innate Intelligence Inside Her " has been chosen as the Winner of the Readers` Choice Story of the Year.


Teagan was a little girl who I adjusted and I looked after the whole family and I was at the home one day and Teagan was not doing very well from a health standpoint. She was an extremely sick little girl. She had a lot of congestion in her chest and in her lungs and her heart rate was 165-170 beats per minute. She had respirations of 60-70 respirations per minute. She had bi-lateral lobar pneumonia and she really was a sick little girl.

We called a medical doctor to come over to the house and he said this little girl needs to be in a hospital, she should be in ICU, she should be on steroids, she needs oxygen, she is a sick little girl.

I said to the doctor, “Can we just wait and talk about this for a moment. Isn’t one of the most important things is her vital signs being stable?” He said” Well yeah”, I said “Her vital signs are stable on the monitor and she is not acting so much like a sick little girl as I would expect”. And he agreed that she was not listless. I said we could have her at hospital in 3 or 4 minutes, we don’t want to play with fire here and risk her death, but this little girl has an innate intelligence inside of her and if that innate intelligence can express itself, it has the ability to heal any disease known to man including what is going on here.

So what I was going to do was work to keep her connected into her innate intelligence and let her body heal itself from the inside out.

He said “You’re an idiot, you’re killing this child and I don’t want any part of it” and he left.

Now, what heightened the intensity of that part as the medical doctor was also my brother, so there was a lot of sibling stuff going on there that was coming into the story and it really brought it out.


So what I chose to do was to check the little girl to see if she was connected to her innate intelligence every hour on the hour for 25 hours and of those 25 hours, I stayed up around the clock with her, I adjusted her 22 of those 25 times. She was subluxated, her innate intelligence was not connecting through her inner system to her body and she was not able to heal. But adjusting her constantly for 25 hours, the little girl with bi-lateral lobar pneumonia, 70 respirations per minute, 160-170 heart beats per minute, I looked at her and she said “Daddy”, because that little girl was my daughter “Daddy, can I go back to school now”.

And I can tell you, that experience changed my life and it changed her life and I can tell you as a chiropractor, I couldn’t go back to my office on the Monday and talk about back pain at all. I had to tell people a true chiropractic story about what is possible inside of them, if they can stay connected to the infinite intelligence that runs through them.

Teagan is now 15 years old and she if full of mischief as most 15 year olds are, but she is a little girl and she taught me a great lesson of the possibility of what exists in a human
being if they keep what ‘s inside of them connected and allow it to express itself in all of it’s purity.

So thanks for letting me share that story, it’s been meaningful and a miracle in my life.

Dr. Tom Preston
North Bay, Ontario, Canada