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Miracle Story


Dr Tom Potsik

Her First 10 Months of Life Were Misery

Submitted into: Miracles of Family Category,

On: 2010-03-13 18:40:04

It is about a baby and this was very early on in my practice, probably in the first year or two.  I was a very young, nervous and inexperienced Chiropractor, and a mother and father brought their young baby in.  The baby was about 10 months old, crying constantly, I had trouble listening to the parents to take the history to find out what was wrong with the child because of the crying.

It was a case of colic, a classic case, so I laid the baby down and felt the spine and right below her right ear, and I’ll never forget it, there was a misalignment that we chiropractors like to say “it was one you could hang your hat on”, the atlas was sticking out so laterally to the side it was like a bump there.

So I carefully laid the baby on the mother’s lap, and with the tip of my thumb gave a very light thrust, didn’t feel or hear any noises, didn’t think anything of it, didn’t have a lot of confidence at that time in my practice. I sent the parents home and asked them to bring the baby back in a couple of days. 


The very next day I came to my office at 7am and there was the mother and father and the little baby standing in front of my door and once again. Being a little inexperienced,  I became a little bit panicky, this may be part of my personality, but I thought I had done something wrong and they were here to scold me or something like that.  But as I walked up to the door I saw their smiles, talked to them for a little bit and it turned out that ever since that adjustment, the baby had been quiet in the night for the first time in it’s ten months of life.

So I checked the baby again, gave it another adjustment and followed up on that, and that baby never had another problem in it’s life for as long as I knew the child which was quite a few years after that.

She grew up to be a very healthy child. This was a miracle for the parents.

Dr Tom Potsik

Salt, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA