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Miracle Story


Donna Munt

Dad Defied the Doctors!

Submitted into: Miracles of Attitude Category,

On: 2010-01-24 06:01:57

In 1988 my father was diagnosed with Interstitial Pulmonary Fribrosis, and given 18 months to live. He was 33 years old (younger than I am now). Basically, the tiny air sacs in his lungs were solidifying, quickly reducing his lung capacity.

Understandably, he plunged into a deep depression. I remember coming home from school and seeing him lying on his bed, just staring. He looked dead already. He was put on a high dose of prednizone (sorry if that\'s spelt wrong!), but the side effects were horrific. He lost more than half of his teeth in less than three weeks, and he was having extremely violent mood swings that terrified everyone. After only a couple of weeks my dad through the pills in the bin and refused to take anything else.

My father has never liked doctors, especially ones wielding needles, and so the next few months were particularly unpleasant in that respect. Constant tests, biopsies and God knows what else were driving him mad.

He was monitored closely - they were probably hoping to impress him with the most accurate death date prediction they could come up with.

So, dad decided to use his hatred of doctors as a reason to live. He would survive out of spite!

My parents found a small support group for others in Australia suffering the same condition, and membership quickly went through the roof, and now includes anyone with any kind of lung condition. Mum and dad made a lot of friends, almost all of which have unfortunately now passed away.

But, here it is, January 2010, twenty-two years later, and dad is still going. Spite is an excellent motivator, apparently! His doctors can\'t figure out how he\'s done it - they just smile and shake their heads when they see him.