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Miracle Story


Vera McKenzie

Miracles Happen Everyday - I Now Expect A Divine Healing

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On: 2009-08-20 19:35:01

Through my story, I want to let other people know that no matter how bleak and desperate a situation may seem, there is always hope, and that a combination of courage, bloody minded persistence, firm goal setting and a willingness to search for solutions, can achieve magical results.

I started life with both hips dislocated and was always awkward in my walking.  Incredibly, the fact that my hips had been dislocated and were malformed was not diagnosed until I was in my 50s, at which point both were severely deteriorated, painful and needed replacement.  This proved to be a revelation and for the first time I was able to actually move freely and without pain.  For the first time in my life I was also able to ‘walk properly’.

Expect a Miracle - Hip Xray

In November 1994, I was diagnosed with vaginal cancer and underwent life saving operations and radiotherapy.  Something went drastically wrong with my radiation treatment and I was rushed to hospital with severe stomach pain.  A clot of blood had formed and blocked off the flow of blood to my bowel.  This caused part of my bowel to die and by the time the doctors operated on me, I had lost two thirds of my small intestine.

Further complications ensued and were dealt with and gradually my limp returned becoming increasingly more painful.  Through X-Rays it was discovered that because of the radiation damage, the bones that were holding my hip prostheses had completely crumbled and were not able to hold my prostheses (or me) at all.

Replacement of both hips followed along with reconstructive surgery of the pelvis to no avail.  Eventually the prostheses had to be completely removed in both hips by the Girdlestone procedure, used only in desperate circumstances.  To put it into perspective, walking now would be a bit like trying to balance on two broomsticks sticking into two very small shallow cups and at this point I was told to look at spending the rest of my life in a wheelchair.

Despite the bleak outlook, I firmly set in mind some clear goals.  Firstly, I wanted to walk and fourteen months after the second Girdlestone operation, I can now walk everywhere using crutches, and I can even walk short distances around the house without them. Thank you God for such a wonderful miracle.

Miracles are happening to me always.  I say lots of prayers and really believe I have a very happy and healthy life ahead of me.  My second goal is to dance.

My seniors group put on a dance twice a year.  I go with my husband, go into the hall on crutches and then get up and dance.  Another miracle!!


At  the moment I am taking driving lessons and looking forward to driving by the time I turn 75.

I love the sound of Dr John’s “Expect A Miracle” card and really believe these things work.