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Miracle Story


Bill Clift

Was my seat belt on?

Submitted into: Miracles of Travel Category,

On: 2009-07-08 15:45:22

Thanks John for inviting me to share one of my many Miracle stories.

I was driving to our retail store, just one kilometer away from our home, early one morning and I remember consciously not putting my seat belt on.  Q. Only one K away, what could happen? Had my Coffee in my right hand driving with my left, and was off.

As i was approaching a street just before our shopping center and a car came out of no where through a stop sign about to T-Bone me on my passenger side of my Jeep.   My reactions were quick i swerved then came to a stop at a set of lights 30 meters from where the incident happened.

I looked down and my seat belt was on?  Coffee still in hand, didnt spill a drop? Every hair raised on my body.

Fast reaction? don't think so.

My bet is on an angle reminding me not to loose faith in Miracles, continue to acknowledge their presents and "WEAR YOUR BLOOMING SEAT BELT!"  That morning I wasn't meant to have an accident.

I may have used one of my lives.

Thanks again for the platform to share our stories.

Bill Clift