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Miracle Story


Dr Rob Jackson

I Woke Up and Shouted "HEY!"

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On: 2009-07-06 21:09:08

On my fifth birthday I was taken on a long trip from our farm into town so I could pick out some special things as gift ideas for my family and friends to potentially share with me. There was only one shopping mall available, so we went there and parked out in front of the old Montgomery Wards store entrance. Since my birthday is on December 15th, that meant that in Colorado winter was in full swing and the roads were covered in ice and snow. All of the stores had Christmas decorations and sale items out in front to attract attention. We went into the store and looked at all the items they had for sale and I picked out a few that were within the budget I was given to work with.

Expect a Miracle - Colorado

Then my parents told my older sister, (six and a half years old) to take me out to the car so I wouldn't see just what they were choosing so there would be some surprise at my party that night. She took me out front, looked both ways and then directed me across the street to the car. As I was opening the car door, I heard her yell for me to come and look at the new swing sets that had been put up outside for Christmas and she was already swinging on one of the swings with big smiles on her face.

Expect a Miracle -Swing

Without a second thought I started across the street to join her and halfway across the street I heard a loud noise. When I looked over my right shoulder I saw the grill of a 1961 chevy station wagon with an older woman behind the wheel with blue hair and cat's eye glasses behind the wheel, with a scared look on her face just before she hit me and ran over me with her car. I was knocked under the car and dragged for a ways, somehow getting twisted up with the wheel well and the front end of the car.

I can remember my sister screaming and a police officer trying to check on me and see if he could get me out from under the car, but they had to wait until they could jack the car up and get underneath to get me out and untangled. An ambulance came and I got to sit in the back with paramedics and get checked out. All that appeared to have happened was the side of my face was pretty scraped up where she had dragged me on the icy road and I had some pretty good bumps and bruises where the car hit me on the side of my lower back and shoulders, but they released me to go home with my family. I remember getting one of the best birthday parties ever. My mom made me my favorite food for dinner and they all treated me like I was king for the rest of the day
I went to bed that night sore, stiff and exhausted after all that had happened. When I woke up the next morning I noticed that  something different had happened and that my bed was wet. I got up and got dressed quickly and tried to take all my sheets into the laundry room to hide them, but was of course found out by my mother who asked what had happened. I was embarrassed but told her and she told me not to worry and that it would be our secret. The problem was that this became a regular event and no matter what I did, I continued to wet the bed.

They took me in to see the pediatrician (who we only went to see if something got cut off, or we were near death) and he told us it was probably just "post traumatic syndrome" related and that I would probably grow out of it soon enough. Well, that didn't happen. It became something that my mother and I could no longer hide from everyone else, as I shared my bedroom with my two younger brothers and they began to tease me along with my friends who came over when they found out.
We went back to the doctor again and again trying some medications that were supposed to dry me up and stop the bedwetting, but all they did was give me the worst case of cotton mouth I have ever had and I still woke with a wet bed each morning. Then they tried a metal screen that you sleep on and when a drop of moisture touches it you get a shock and a loud alarm goes off to wake you (and the dead) and train you to go to relieve yourself. All this did was humiliate me further and wake everyone else in the family up every night until my dad got rid of this because he couldn't sleep.
The next approach the doctors took was to tell us that maybe I had a weak father figure and that was influencing my behavior. In other words, it was all in my head.  Since my dad was 6'4, 210 lbs and was a boxer in the Navy, this idea didn't sit too well or hold much weight either. Finally they just gave up and hoped that I might grow out of my problem at some point.

The ten years following my accident were full of every type of medical and  home remedy known to man at that point, including my parents getting up every night to wake me and take me to the bathroom in the middle of the night, hoping to avoid the problem from happening again. I was unable to go to sleepovers with friends, I had to make special arrangements to go to camp with my counselors so that they could help me air out my sleeping bag and not get caught by everyone else. The humiliation I felt on a daily basis was more than I care to remember. By the time I was 15 years old I was 6'3, playing high school sports and still having a problem with bedwetting.
Between my freshman and sophomore year, my mom heard about a new chiropractor who could adjust you in about 5 minutes without making you take your clothes off. She had some headache issues and one day when she was making a trip into town to buy food for our family and farm hands, she decided to go and see this new chiropractor and give him a try. She made me come along to help with the food and to make sure that this new chiropractor was all that she heard he was.

When we got to his office there were about 20 people waiting in line and we could see him moving between two rooms quickly and people were coming and going with smiles on their faces after spending what seemed like a very short time with the doctor. When it was our turn, Mom made me come in the room with her and while I didn't want to be there, I joined her. I had experienced one other visit to a chiropractor earlier in my life when I was about 13 and he was an old school Logan Basic practitioner and made me strip down to my underwear and he marked up my spine and lower back/tailbone area with a grease pencil and started to make some adjustments on me that made me very uncomfortable and nervous. I had no intention of ever doing that again, so I was reluctant to "experience" chiropractic ever again.
When Dr Larry Bridge first came into the room with my mother and I, he was full of enthusiasm and very charismatic and immediately moved my mom up onto a fancy chiropractic table that moved up and down and made noise and was adjusting her in a matter of seconds. Then in about 2 minutes he was done and stood her up, clothes intact and said he would see her again in a couple of days. Then he spied me trying to hide in the corner and said for me to get on the table too.

I declined, but he was insistent and would have none of my argument. No x-rays, no physical exam were performed. He just analyzed my leg lengths, showed my mother where I was unbalanced and then he went to work on me. The next thing I knew, things were "popping" all over my spine and he moved my neck in both directions and both my hips. Then he was done and walking out of the room saying he would see us both in two days, before I could even get up off the table. Based on what had just happened to me I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to walk again, but I got up, we went out to pay and he only charged my mom $3.00 for her visit, not charged me and we left.

expect a miracle - chiropractic

Two days later, my mom decided to go back to Dr. Bridge and she asked me to join her again. I politely refused and she then insisted, so I had to go along. I tried to wait in the car, go to the bathroom and avoid seeing the doctor again myself, but at the end of her visit he spied me once again trying to not be noticed and he put me back on the table and "adjusted" me again. This time I felt things moving from top to bottom and I was sure he left something only partially attached as a result. We left, paid another $3.00 and she scheduled to see him again in one week.
That night I went to bed, tired from catching up with all my chores after taking 2 hours out of my day to go to the chiropractor. At about 2 am,  I woke up with a sensation that I couldn't remember ever feeling, even during the day while awake. I could tell I needed to relieve myself. I woke up and shouted "HEY!" My whole family woke up and came running in to check on me to see what was the matter.

My dad had a gun in case someone was breaking in or there was an animal problem, my mom was there and so were all my bothers and sisters. My mom looked at me and asked what was wrong. I told her "I had to go!" She looked at me, started to cry and said "well then go!" The rest of my family wasn't in on the whole conversation as they had long since tired of my bedwetting issues and it had all fallen on my mom to help me clean up and take care of everything. For the first time that I could remember in my life, I could now feel when my bladder was full and I needed to void. I didn't even know that I couldn't feel it during the day. I just went to the bathroom when everyone else did and thought that was the way everyone felt.
From that day forward, I never had another problem with bedwetting, or feeling when my bladder was full. What had happened when I was hit by that car, was the feedback loop from my bladder back to my brain was somehow compromised and I never felt the need to go. My bladder just emptied when it got full and my brain was never receiving the news that it was time to take care of that function. Two adjustments from Dr. Larry Bridge changed my life forever and made me a believer in the vitalistic power of the body's ability to heal its self when there is no nervous system interference.
Seven years later I attended Chiropractic college based on the recommendation of Dr. Bridge and then joined him in practice in 1983. We worked together in one capacity or another until his passing and I have continued in chiropractic practice and we are celebrating the clinic's 40th year during 2009 in that same location. What a victory I feel every day when I get to walk into the clinic and remember the many miracles that have happened there, including my own life changing experience!

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