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Miracle Story


William Chapman



Submitted into: Miracles Of Self Category,

On: 2009-03-01

I made it, I finally figured the buttons out!

I am going to tell you about myself.I was adopted at 18 months.Throughout my childhood and my teenage years my adopted parents always told me that my biological parents were dead.

My biological mother is still alive but my biological father is dead.He died from not being able to put the drink down. He died when I was 20 y ea rs old.

My first 18 months of life I was abused.There is a lot to tell about my biological parents but I'll move on.

I want you to know that my adopted parents love me.They have always done what the y can for me. I believe that God has always watched out for me.I was raised in a good home.

When I was 5 y ea rs. old my adopted parents started taking my brother and sister and I to a little Grace Brethern Church.I asked God to come into my life when I was 12 or 13 y ea rs old.


My adopted parents started taking us to the First Assembly of God when I was seventeen and a senior in high school, I was kicked out of high school for missing to o many days.I was starting to drink alcohol and over sleep. Dad told me to get a job or I was going to have to leave home .

I started missing work and got fired, D ad and I had words about it.He told me to leave in early spring of 1990. It was my Dad's birthday on April 23 rd and   D ad took a vacation on a Caribbean Cruise. My brother said I could stay while he was gone. Mom and Dad were separated and on the verge of a divorce.

My brother and I had a party on Dad's birthday, there was all kinds of alcohol to drink. I was drinking shots of 190 ClearSprings and chasing it with Coke. We were drinking at the kitchen table, I was drunk drunk!. I don't remember much after that other than I went to Dad's bedroom, a s I was going to try to sleep off some of the drunk en state I was in . My brother left to run a few people home.

There were just a few people still here. While I was in Dad's bedroom I got out his 12 gauge shotgun. I sat on the edge of his bed and put it in my mouth, I pulled the trigger. It was loaded, I was dead.


Nobody heard the 12 gauge go off because there was music still blasting. My brother came home, I guess he wondered where I was.Who ever opened that bedroom door got a shock, 911 was called.

It took them about 15 or 20 minutes to get here, I had no pulse for 30 to 35 minutes. The paramedics got back to the bedroom and blasted my chest several times and got a pulse.

They got me into the ambulance and rushed me to the hospital, they were cleaning my head and face off. They were getting a helicopter ready to fly me to Methodist   H ospitaI ,  lost the pulse on the way in the helicopter.

We landed and they blast my chest again, they got another pulse. Whilst in surgery they lost my pulse again. They got my pulse back, this pulse stayed. I spent some time recovering and I was different at first. I was innocent like a little boy. The three times that I lost my pulse I believe there were Angles fighting demons over me. I believe God has everything to do with me being here.

I am going to tell you about the damages to my face and head.

The blast ripped my face from my left upper lip to the top of my forehead just above my left eye. I lost the first tooth on top to the left and the teeth to the left on top. I have a hole in the top of my mouth that is still there.It broke my nose and I cannot smell a thing.

I lost my left eye, I have a question mark scar that starts from just above my left eye and it goes up and on around and stops in front of my left ear and the bone under my left eye is gone also .I lost brain matter from the front of my brain . I had seizures at first but that was some time ago, I have not had a seizure in many years.

They did another surgery after this and took my stomach skin that was shaped like a football and cut the ends off and sewed it over where my eye was. I have a partial plate where I lost the teeth and I still have awesome headaches . I have these scars for reasons.

I have believed in God most of my life, maybe God saved my life to show me that he is real and can save my life again. But here is what is cool to me is that my mind is good.My mind at first seemed good but I did not know things,I had to learn how to do some things again. But my mind was so lightly affected. I had a 12 gauge blast go threw my brain and I think that God does miraculous things.

I believe that God did a miraculous thing for me, not just saving my life but my mind also.This is my story and I sure am glad I figured these buttons out. Please remember that if you get down in the dumps to come and read this.You can try to talk to me at Yahoo if you like.

I put my story here to help others to know that God can do that, he did it for me. I will close for now, just remember to keep your head up.

Thank You,

William Chapman , Indiana,USA