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Miracle Story


Deborah Sammon

The Big Idea

Submitted into: Miracles of Work Category,

On: 2008-01-29

In 2002 I set about applying the principles of Bob Proctor's Born Rich Seminar series. At that time I was at a $40,000 dollar a year income and just surviving. I loved my job but working in the under funded human service industry in Australia is frustrating. I wanted to still work with people in need but with a smaller client base.
home with a view

So how did I do this? Let me first tell you about the principles. I had to become aware of my negative subconscious thoughts and how they were defeating my conscious action. I had to conquer impoverishment thoughts buried deep within me and replace these negative thoughts with positive life giving thoughts and words. Whilst I was unhappy with $40,000 per year and believed that I deserved more, I was defeating my ability to reach that. I had to become very specific about how much money I wanted to make and create thoughts, feelings and mind pictures about how my life would be with a 6 figure income. 'The me I see is the me I will be' was the motto I was applying. I wrote statements in the present tense about me, for example 'I am so happy that I live in such a beautiful home with water views'. I had to let go of the past thoughts and images about myself that I was holding on to and be a person without limitations. By writing out and reading the descriptions of myself I was building new brain cells. I learnt that when I choose certain 'thoughts' my brain cells are affected; they vibrate and send off electric waves. When I concentrate on those thoughts, I increase the amplitude of the vibration of those cells and the electric waves become more potent. I also learnt that this can be applied negatively or positively. I learnt that each time I applied new conditioning (positive thoughts about my ability to achieve my goal), I was weakening the old conditioning. The analogy I applied here was that I had a jug with some blue water and each time I added pure water the blue became weakened. And if I got a really big container I could keep adding pure water until there was no colour.
I even focused on the fabrics and smells of the things I wanted. Such as leather upholstery in my new luxurious car. I then applied the next step – LET GO AND LET GOD. I understand this concept better now with the introduction of THE SECRET and how they talk about when we make a holiday booking and pay the deposit for it we expect it to come. We don't keep making other bookings because we have committed to the booking we have made. I expected to receive the 6 figure goal that I set myself and all the goods things that come with that.

So with my goal properly planted in the Universal Creative Intelligence it became Desire. Bob Proctor teaches 'To make a strong connection for a tremendous flow one must have a BIG IDEA. One then must mentally exercise that BIG IDEA THROUGH VISUALISATION, until it becomes a DESIRE. I had named it – $100,000 per year income- next I intended to claim it. Most importantly it was imperative that I not worry about reaching that goal, but rather that I followed the repetition of learning and putting in the right information.

I looked at my current workplace – I was not going to achieve a 6 figure income within that company in the foreseeable future. I liked my profession and did not see examples of great income in my field. I had to use faith to believe I could carry on in my profession, find the right vehicle and achieve the goal I wanted. Clarence Smithison says Faith is the ability to see the invisible – to believe in the incredible. That is what enables me to receive what the masses think is impossible.

I listed the risks with achieving my goal. I would have to move house as my current one was in the suburbs without river views, I could lose friends; others close to me may not accept my changes, I would have to continue to follow the steps, and I would probably have to work harder. With those risks named and accepted I signed a commitment to myself and signed this:
* I make the commitment to myself that I will let go and let God. I will not allow my fears or self doubt to prevent me from doing those things that propel me forward in success, happiness and wealth.


I then believed I had reached Freedom in my thinking. I then took a leap of faith. I am reminded here of a fire walking course that I did around this time in my life. I went to the course knowing that there would be a process and that by the end of the day I would be walking on fire. I was surprised by some of those processes – walking on broken glass for example. Now I believed in myself and achieved in all of the processes in that course but a friend also doing the course did not believe in herself and in following the rhetoric cut her feet on the glass and ended up with blisters on her feet when she walked on fire.
I took this leap of faith fully believing in myself – I left the $40,000 a year job for the possibility that the casual work offered to me would extend into more work. This casual work meant that I was being paid at a better hourly rate and of course that I would have to take care of all those incidentals of tax, super, business activity statements and so forth. There was certainly no sick pay or holiday pay in this 'better' hourly rate of pay. In a nutshell I was left with the guarantee of under $200 per week! People were telling me I was crazy. Why leave a secure job? I did not listen. Within 6 months I achieved my goal. My first tax return after this was $80,000, 2004 & 2005 - $120,000, 2006 - $140,000, with the next $160,000.

Where am I now? Four months ago I walked away from this income stream. Things had changed within the company that did not resonate with my values and intentions. What did I go to? Well I have not had income in these four months. I have goals and desire and I am creating. I have faith in myself and above all I know and have proven to myself that I am a great manifestor, miracles are real and I can achieve them. The income level I will create is $1.2million net per annum.

Deborah Sammon