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Miracle Story


Joe Ierano

Camden NSW Australia

Sylvio...The Boy With the Blocked Aqueduct

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2008-01-29

…of Sylvius, to be precise. The Aqueduct of Sylvius is situated in the brain to drain cerebral spinal fluid into the spinal cord. You don't want a tumour there, by the way.

Doctors: have you ever had the experience of a patient storming back into your office after a consultation, determined to tell you something?

Well, after leaving not ten minutes before with his son, he rushed in panting after he ran back up the stairs, returning through my office doors – without the kid – with a determined look on his red face.

Several years ago this happened to me, and it led to the child having brain surgery. But you need to hear the whole story.

In 1999 a true act of desperation manifested before me. A father and son attended my office at the suggestion of my most valued patient advocate (see www.upcspine.com), Greg. The father was distressed as his son had been given only months to live. Not sure how they made that assumption, but one look at him and you knew he was sick. All medical treatment was withdrawn as it was killing the five year old faster than the tumour. In fact, I was told that the little boy was vomiting stools because of the chemotherapy.

As if that wasn't enough to accept, the sight of this boy was an even worse paradox. Large head, bloated belly protruding from skin and bone, face like an angel. If he had been dark-skinned, he would have appeared like poster boy from World Vision. Why would such a child be presented to me, a mere chiropractor, known to some as Bone Cruncher or Back Cracker?

Because Greg knew, that's why. After suffering his own trauma (on the same day Princess Diana died, actually) on the football field that robbed him of his normal daily life he was convinced that this child – lets call him Sylvy – could be helped by my magical Chiropractic Atlas Adjusting Instrument.

The history was familiar - a major illness suspiciously preceded by a major accident. So many people have come to me with their suffering, a diagnosed disease such as Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson's, and no medical specialist ever saw a connection with the massive blow on the head, the fall from a building, the tackle that dumped him on the head, or, in Sylvy's case, the car accident a year before he developed a brain tumour blocking his spinal fluid. They gave him chemo, zapped it with rays and made him sicker. They did their best. I zapped him with much less xrays, just to get a picture of his neck atlas bone and it was on a tilt.

I challenged the tilt with a specific force delivered from the magical instrument and he went back home with his Dad. Sylvy loved Star Wars, so did I, and I bid him farewell hoping that the Force was indeed with him. A specific force of 20 degrees on the right side of the atlas to be exact. Shortly after, his Dad ran back up the stairs gasping for air. This was when I thought, calmly, the boy is …dead? No, he fell onto the pavement? No, he saw an apparition of Yoda?

His father said Sylvy wanted me to tell you his pain in his head felt better. I left him in the car downstairs, but I just wanted to let you know he never says anything like this unless he means it. See you next visit, Joe. I breathed.

It so happened that Sylvy never actually met his maker before christmas that year, as the physicians predicted, and within a few weeks he put on weight, his head shrunk back to normal and he is still alive this very day, years later. The curious thing was that the tumour never shrunk, or even left littly Sylvy.

A couple of years later I heard that the local newspapers ran a story on Sylvy about his miraculous brain surgery. Apparently a famous brain surgeon boldly removed the tumour where other Neurosurgeons feared to tread. Life saving surgery, the papers called it. Oddly enough no newspaper ever mentioned a word about his misaligned atlas bone.

Dr Joe Ireano
Camden, New South Wales