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Miracle Story



Jode the Deaf Carpenter

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2008-01-28

Jode presented to my office in 1997 with complaints of lower back pain which had been chronic in nature. He was a very robust, healthy 55 year old male who had been a carpenter all of his adult life. He was very fit man who loved to work hard and was a cherubial sort. He had seen a chiropractor for lower back and neck pain whenever he was in physical pain. He was on a drug called Circ' for balance/ vertigo problems he had for years. He was on no other drugs and his past history only stated that he was on a Worker's Compensation Board of BC pension due to work related deafness. He had hearing aids in either ear.

As he relayed his past history to me, he yelled (common with hearing impaired individuals) and apologized, because his hearing aids were turned up maximally and he was clinically deaf.

His examination was unremarkable, his balance was indeed poor, he had limited neck and lower back ranges of motion. Examination of his spine revealed numerous spinal misalignments (subluxations) in the pelvis and the upper neck. I recommended performing a set of X-rays of his lower spine and neck as it would give me a better idea of what I was dealing with. He asked if I could proceed without them, as that is what his old chiropractor did. I reluctantly agreed and started adjusting his lumbar spine and lower neck with traditional chiropractic adjsutments(specific forces applied to the spine in a specific direction). After 2 weeks of care he really hadn't improved at all, I again suggested we perform a set of X-rays of his Neck and lower spine to see if there was a problem that I was missing by relying on palpation (what I felt with my hands), he reluctantly agreed this time.

The cervical x-rays demonstrated a massive subluxation (misalignment) of the top vertebrae against the skull. The lumbar spine x-rays showed a spine with moderate degenerative changes from years of physical abuse as a carpenter. I informed Jode that I felt the upper neck was responsible for the problems he had with his lower back. At this point he looked at me like I was a little nutty, but agreed that we had gone this far, he would try letting me adjust his upper neck to take the pressure off of his lower back if I really felt that was the problem!.

At that point in my career I would come into an adjusting room and ask the patient how they were doing, what had changed (hopefully) and what was better. Each day I would yell at Jode so he could hear me how are you doing?! What's new? He usually smiled and yelled back nothing much; he wasn't discouraged with his lack of pain relief, he maintained his cheerful personality and said he would see me the next visit. After about 7 or 8 specific chiropractic adjustments to his upper neck I felt there was a change in his neck muscles when I palpated them.

On the following visit I popped in the door and Jode was sitting on the chair grinning at me as usual! I yelled how's it going Jode! (most of the lobby could hear me when I yelled out at him!) the next thing I knew Jode was covering each ear with a hand and trying to hide his head between his knees; moments later he looked up at me and muttered don't yell it's killing my ears!. I looked at him as a big grin spread across his face as he told me that after the last adjustment the next morning he awoke to the sound of his wife snoring! He was astonished, as was I! Jode knew that there was a change in his hearing levels because he knew his wife snored but he couldn't hear her normally! I reexamined Jode with a follow up set of X-rays and his neck had shifted all the way past normal indicating that the ligaments in his neck had been damaged in the past. He recalled a few injuries to his back and neck, but nothing really stuck out with any level of significance.

Somewhere in the past Jode had damaged his neck and the ligaments that hold the top neck vertebrae to his skull were damaged. This damage allows that 1st vertebrae to move out of line with the skull causing a subluxation of that bone affecting the spinal cord which passes through it affecting the cranial nerves to the inner ears (both balance & hearing!). Isn't the human body amazing!