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Miracle Story




Love, Faith and Good Friends

Submitted into: Miracles of Friends Category,

On: 2008-11-30

On a warm breezy evening in early August, on a cliff over looking the Indian Ocean in Bali my beloved knelt down on one knee and proposed. In this miraculous moment, I felt more loved, adored and excited for the rest my life to come than ever before. My boyfriend (now fiancé) and I lived in Singapore and had flown to Bali for a long-weekend to complete our diving certification.

In the short 6 months that followed, wedding plans were in full swing. We had decided to return to Bali for the nuptials, invite an intimate group of family and friends so that our Canadian Family and Singaporean Family could meet.

From the beginning of our wedding planning we were blessed. A dear friend I had met 2 years earlier who was an event planner, agreed to assist us in our quest. She had never planned a wedding, and didn't want to because of all of the potential emotion involved. But because of her love for us as a couple and me as a friend, she agreed to help out this one time.

My fiancé, who until the engagement had been unable to find work for 8 months was interviewed, and hired for a new job within 1 week of returning home from our Bali trip. Secondly, a family friend of my fiancés' who had owed him a large sum of money had contacted us to commence repayment. We were well on our way, to pay for our dream wedding in Bali. tongue.gif

Well as in life, there are at times challenges that come ones way. In Dec of that year, and 2 short months prior to our wedding, my fiancé due to some unforeseen circumstances had to leave his job. As we had just moved, finances were a bit tight with the wedding coming up. He proceeded to contact his friend that was to repay a debt and ensure that, this was still going to be able to happen.

Numerous phone-calls were placed and each week it seemed a new payment arrangement was made, as the previous one had been forgotten. My fiancé was hopeful; he had full faith in this friend as he was to be the bestman at the wedding. ohmy.gif

It was now mid-January our family and friends had all purchased their airline tickets; we had arranged hotels and still did not know how we were going to finance a large portion of this event. In a last attempt the week before our wedding, my fiancé contacted his friend to no avail, and no funds appeared. In addition, 2 days before we left Singapore for our Bali wedding, my fiancés' friend/bestman informed us he was not going to be able to make the wedding.

If I ever believed in faith, the law of attraction and silencing the mind of worry, it was now that I had to put those principals into action. My fiancé and I were quiet about our predicament because we wanted to keep as much joy surrounding the event as possible. Our number 1 goal was to share our love and joined union with our family and friends. With that solitary goal, faith and a lot of prayer we boarded a plan to Bali not knowing how we were going to pay for this event in 2 days.

The day before the wedding, our dear friends we had met in Singapore 2 years previous had called for any last minute requests because they were to arrive that evening in Bali. I very flippantly said ya sure, if you have like $5000 in your back pocket, please pack it. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR… wink.gif

4 hours later in Bali, our local Singapore bank called us to confirm a deposit. I was astounded as someone had anonymously deposited $10,000 into our account and the bank wanted to confirm the transaction. And while I knew who it was, I couldn't even thank them because they were on a plane in the air on their way to our wedding. As I was recounting the story to another friend from Singapore, who had arrived with us unknown to me, she went to the hotel where my fiancé and I were to spend our 2 week honeymoon and paid for the $5000 stay. On the day of the wedding, my fiancés' father wanted to see us privately to give us our wedding gift. In lieu of a gift, because he had to travel from Canada, he bashfully presented us cash. The cash in that envelope was exactly the amount we needed to pay for the wedding dinner that night at the resort.

As I recount these events today, I am still flabbergasted that this all occurred. As Canadians living abroad we were far from home and had since met new friends that had become our family. This new family took care of their own, without a second thought or hesitation. The miracle of love we found in this family of friends and collective strangers from Holland, Britain and Australia is still amazing to me today.

~ Dr Shara Downey-Neufeldt~