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  • Dr John Demartini... "One of the benefits of Dr John Hinwood's journey is reflected in his excellent writings, which bring individuals hope, and most definitely a collection of facts, more than just one of fads... he shares a life full of miracles."
  • Mark Victor Hansen... "Having read You Can EXPECT A MIRACLE… The Book To Change Your Life I have only three words for this book. I loved it!"
  • Irena Yashin-Shaw PhD... "If you ever have the opportunity to have John speak to your people or at your event, just grab it. He will literally hand you a miracle. Thanks for everything John."
  • Charles "Tremendous" Jones... "Dr Hinwood's life is filled with miracles because of his great level of expectation. His life of miracles has blessed the lives of thousands around the world because he never sought miracles for selfish reasons."
  • Amanda Vaccaro... "John's 'Expect A Miracle' cards ushers the dimension of possibility and invites each individual to be open to receive from this dimension. This card is now my trigger for daily expectancy and gratitude for wonders and miracles."
  • Dr Brian Kelly... "John has a rare gift of being able to communicate ideas and principles through stories and to empower audiences. It has often been said by participants that they felt he was 'speaking directly to them individually'."

Miracle Story


Clinton McCauley

Cleaning Up

Submitted into: Miracles of Money Category,

On: 2007-11-05

I have great memories of a practice development workshop I attended a number of years ago that Dr. John Hinwood was conducting. We were looking at how our attitudes to money could either hold us back or move us forward in life. It was a pretty intense session with loads of energy in the room as some people really struggled with the concepts.

We had just completed a session on Release, Let Go and Move On' where we had made a very big mess with paper torn up in confetti size pieces being strewn all over the floor. Dr John told us to stand on our chairs and pull out the largest note we had in our wallet or purse. I know there was quite a few $50 notes that come out and some $20 notes. I think there was well over $500 there. This exercise was about How money can control us'. We had to trust the process and let John take the money from us and be prepared to lose it. He took each persons note, screwed them all up and then threw the money on the floor amongst all the rubbish.

The money was still on the floor when the conference finished and I was standing a little bit away from Dr John at the back of the room when he walked up to the cleaner and introduced himself and said, Look, we've just made quite a large mess on the floor, I really apologise for this and he then handed the woman an Expect a Miracle card. She chuckled and had a laugh about it. He then said, Thank you very much, we don't require anything that's on the floor so you can do what you want with it. If there's anything of interest there, you can keep it for yourself. He wished her a good night and walked off.

I was so intrigued as to what the cleaners reaction would be when she found the money that I stayed in the room when Dr John had left. The reaction to what the woman found on the floor when she walked to the front of the room was quite stunning. She screamed with delight, and as a result of the Expect a Miracle card, yes, that cleaner had a very pleasant surprise when she found loads of money on the floor amongst all the paper confetti.

Dr. Clinton McCauley

Mount Barker, South Australia