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Miracle Story


Dr. Rose Lepien

The Miracle of Finding my Destiny

Submitted into: Miracles of Work Category,

On: 2008-01-16

The foundation of my life was layed when I was born as the middle child of eight of a wonderful German family. My father was a stern, hardworking and principled man, scarred by the effects of World War 2 and his experience as a prisoner of war in France. My mother was a true servant that "lathered love lavishly", embodying all of God's teachings into her daily life, relationships and work.

Life on the small farm, in the little town of Wolpertshausen, population of 500, has been a valuable teacher to me in the areas of building strength, character, values, persistence, doing whatever it takes, going the distance, interacting with my siblings and family, and teamwork. I am grateful for having experienced the laws, principles and forces of "Mother Nature". I am grateful for having been bathed in the laws and teachings of God, through my mother's living example, as well as baptism, confirmation and activities of the church.


A wonderful array of happy and sad experiences moulded and shaped my character, imprinting my soul.

I recall, during my teenage years, often feeling the up welling of a deep, inner stirring, a drawing toward the West, as if there was a blue print , an internal device gently guiding, nudging me.

At the age of 19, through some friendships that had developed, I was offered an opportunity to travel to the United States on an exchange student program. Without hesitation I embraced this challenge, without considering the fact that I did not speak the English language, that I only knew ONE person in this huge land of the USA. I just knew it was naturally right.

In retrospect, looking at the tapestry and painting of my life, I can only marvel at what has unfolded since that day in 1969, when I first stepped on United States soil.

USA Flag

One year of Jr. College, gathering wonderful impressions of a new language, people, culture, awesome families that opened up their homes and hearts to me. A marriage and the unique birth of my son Ralph.

Then one day, a small, inner voice prompted me to find a job, somebody said "Why don't you go down to the local Chiropractor, they need an assistant". I then answered with a very profound question: "What is a Chiropractor?". Then, the miracle happened, my destiny found me, because I got hired on the spot!

As I became engulfed in the Chiropractic principles, practices and patient care, the inner knowing that I had found my life's calling was paramount.

When you find your inner calling, when destiny finds you, you do whatever it takes, go any distance, find all your internal resources and talents to be a vessel used for that particular purpose.

My journey since, for the last 35 years, has exceeded my wildest dreams. My first husband left me shortly after me finding Chiropractic, and I know that people come into our lives for a reason.

I was then swept up by a new life, a new husband that was a dynamic, principle based Chiropractic Physician, 25 years my senior, with 6 children. Talking about lessons learned, attracting into our lives places, situations and circumstances that give us the opportunity to put to use our talents, to test us, and to prepare us to move on to the next level. I bloomed where God had planted me, as a mother, stepmother, home maker, office manager and wife of a Chiropractor. I loved it. What a fertile ground for learning, for service, for growth!


Then the Universe continued to teach in it's gentle, sometimes brutal way. As the children grew up and things changed, a voice gently spoke to me "Go your way". I instantly knew that it was my time to step out of my comfort zone. My time to attend Parker College of Chiropractic!

What a challenging and rewarding 3 years of a journey, with the great benefits of the past years of "in office" experience and a retired Chiropractor as a husband. I found new opportunities to give, serving as class president, student body president and in all other possible ways. I was guided by the knowing that " I shall pass this way but once, that if there is anything that I can do, let me do it now, for I shall never pass this way again."

Life keep on teaching me. The thrills and responsibilities of being in practice, of local community involvement, public appearances, serving as President of the Alumni Association at Parker College.

The pain of dealing with my husband's total disability following a massive stroke forced me to pull out all my internal resources. I was challenged to find ways to stay in practice while giving 24/7 care to my husband.

After his death in 1998, life showed me who I can be and become on my own, it taught me the pain of grief, as well as the value of our individuality, and the strength to carry on.

Chiropractic engulfed me. In giving back to Parker Chiropractic College and Parker Seminars, I served on the Board of Trustees, and 4 years as Chairman ( the first women serving in that capacity). My destiny continued to unfold. Opportunities of travel domestically and abroad bring global connections, taking the message of our unique Chiropractic healing art worldwide. Serving with the World Congress of Women Chiropractors, at the Pan American Olympics as a treating Chiropractor, speaking at Parker Seminars have been highlights, as well as many awards and recognitions through the years.

As I reflect on my life with gratitude and awe, I marvel at the unfolding of my destiny. I marvel at the fact that an internal blueprint of a little farm girl from Germany can unfold is such a powerful way. The realization of the fact that God is all-knowing, all powerful, that we are all "spiritual beings having a human experience", is overwhelming, as well as comforting. God's gifts and talents imprinted on each of our soul's strife, like the knowledge in a kernel of wheat, to come forth and express themselves in our lives.

As I trust in the unknowns of my future and more exciting possibilities ahead, it will be a joy and thrill to watch the miracle of my destiny continue to unfold in service to humanity through this wonderful world of Chiropractic.


Dr. Rose Lepien

1201 W. Gore Blvd, Suite A

Lawton, Ok 73501



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