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Miracle Story



Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

You're Joking, Aren't You ?

Submitted into: Miracles of Travel Category,

On: 2008-01-09

Two days before my wife, my son and I were expected to fly back to Australia after our 4 week holiday in South Africa, I realised that the plane trip that was booked was not as expected. The plane was due to leave Johannesburg, fly to Sydney but with an unexpected stop in Perth on the way (only arriving at 12 midnight in Melbourne and I was supposed to be starting work early the next morning). This was on the itinerary but I just totaly missed it. After realising this, I called Qantas and discussed the possibility of changing to another flight on the same day which was the South African Airways (SAA) flight. After being on the phone to Qantas for an hour, I realised that this worked out extremely expensive after needing to pay cancellation and rebooking fees and also further airport taxes despite the fact that there were restrictions for change on the tickets. I decided to leave it as is.
30 minutes prior to leaving for Johannesburg International Airport, my Mom called to find out that the departure was on time and was told that it would be leaving 18 hours later than expected. Of coarse we have packed our bags, ready to go, have a 6 month old baby winging from lack of attention, and I have patients booked on the Monday morning after being away for 4 weeks. It is now saturday late afternoon. Knowing that there is the SAA flight bound for Australia within 10 minutes of the Qantas one we were supposed to be on, we decided to take our chances and drive to the airport. On the way to the airport, I call SAA from the mobile phone. They told me that the flight was full other than 2 seats in business class.
We arrive at the airport, busy as ever. Long quees for check-ins for the SAA flight, and from what we worked out, many frustrated Qantas customers due to this delayed flight we were meant to be on. I decide to rush to the ticket sales counter where we were in a quee of about 15 people with 2 staff serving. As they say T.I.A (This Is Africa) In the line we began chatting with a number of other people, some of which had the same problem as us. This became a 45 minute wait before we were seen by anyone. The bloke 3 infront of us in the line gets served. After 5 minutes of talking with the sales/ticket assistant, he is turned away from the cubicle being told that the only way of getting on the SAA flight is by paying almost $9000 for one ticket and that allowed him an upgrade from his existing QANTAS ticket to business class on SAA. He decided to wait the 18 hours. I walk to the newly opened counter 3 after finally being called, and a lovely african lady asks how she could help me. I say "my wife, myself and my 6 month old baby were booked on a qantas flight ....... and its been delayed...., I know that its impossible to transfer from the Qantas flight to the SAA flight this evening but, "and then I hand her the expect a miracle card. She smiles, then laughs almost to say you are joking arn't you. She asks for our 3 tickets and leaves the ticket sales counter. My wife joins me at the counter to find out whats happening. She looks down to the desk and sees the Expect A Miracle card and says to me "dont tell me you are still giving those cards out....
30 minutes later, the lady comes back, gives us 2 pieces of paper with a no charge transfer onto the desired SAA flight and connecting Qantas flight from perth to Melbourne. We were ushered to check-in at the first class check-in counters and were seated 3 rows from the front with a spare seat for our baby (on the trip from Johannesburg) and the front economy row with a baby bassonet (on the flight from Perth to Melbourne). Our bags were tagged with priority stickers so they would be the first ones out and we were checked in at the first class counter in Perth while there was a Quee an hour long.
So from a stressful time, we actually arrived home safely and earlier than the existing flight would have, had there never been the problem. So when in doubt, remember .............. Expect a Miracle
Dr Roy Smith,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia