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  • Jack Canfield... "Reading Unexpected Miracles made me smile over and over again. I know it will do the same for you. Life is full of miracles. When you expect them, they occur more often... this book will help you create more of them in your life."
  • Dr John Demartini... "One of the benefits of Dr John Hinwood's journey is reflected in his excellent writings, which bring individuals hope, and most definitely a collection of facts, more than just one of fads... he shares a life full of miracles."
  • Mark Victor Hansen... "Having read You Can EXPECT A MIRACLE… The Book To Change Your Life I have only three words for this book. I loved it!"
  • Irena Yashin-Shaw PhD... "If you ever have the opportunity to have John speak to your people or at your event, just grab it. He will literally hand you a miracle. Thanks for everything John."
  • Charles "Tremendous" Jones... "Dr Hinwood's life is filled with miracles because of his great level of expectation. His life of miracles has blessed the lives of thousands around the world because he never sought miracles for selfish reasons."
  • Amanda Vaccaro... "John's 'Expect A Miracle' cards ushers the dimension of possibility and invites each individual to be open to receive from this dimension. This card is now my trigger for daily expectancy and gratitude for wonders and miracles."
  • Dr Brian Kelly... "John has a rare gift of being able to communicate ideas and principles through stories and to empower audiences. It has often been said by participants that they felt he was 'speaking directly to them individually'."

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You are a Miracle and this site is all about showing you how to have more and more and more miracles in your life every day. Whether you are looking for a money miracle, a health miracle, a relationship miracle, a family miracle, a miracle for yourself or for friends – the simple and proven technique to attract miracles into your life is the same for every situation. I want to teach you how to unleash the power of miracles so that you can enjoy the miraculous life that you so deserve and enjoy more freedom in your life.

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A Great Echoing Stillness Overcame the Group

Date submitted : 2016-08-16 03:43:45
Submitted Into : Miracles of Healing & Health

You might well ask why it is that otherwise sensible people not only learn arcane practices such as Reiki, but also persevere, taking them entirely seriously and allowing them to change their lives. From the outside, it might seem to be an abrogation of professional standards of practice and behaviour.

It looks different from the inside. From an environment focussed on money, power, control, competitive advantage and all the rhetoric that goes with corporate functioning, Reiki came as a welcome oasis of humanity, speaking to core values and long held, long-suppressed notions of right action, decency and integrity.

As time has gone on, the exploration of the outer world and the inner world that comes with the Reiki territory makes more and more sense. We share a common humanity, our past and our collective futures are bound together, we are all related and profoundly connected. The bell tolls for thee and for me.

My friend, lets call him Alistair, had learned Reiki with us and... Read full story

Elizabeth Thuan